3 Things I’ve Learned for Self Improvement: Mid December, 2020

7 min readDec 10, 2020
A fully engaged, fully mindful, thinking person. Photo by prottoy hassan on Unsplash

Hey Friends.

2020 has been a lot to handle. Through all the trials and tribulations, I’ve managed to go about every month with a goal in mind. I’ve done a mediocre job of sticking to those goals, but it hasn’t stopped me from learning a few things every month.

December, so far, has been a pretty productive month for goal attainment, self-improvement, and happiness. Here are some things that I’ve learned as we make our way into Mid December 2020.

The Greatest Benefit of Learning is the process, not the subject that I am learning:

A lot of articles I’ve read seem to be less focused on the work, and more focused on the topic that I am learning. We’ve learned about making thousands of dollars, being successful in life, liberty, and happiness. However, we’re structuring ourselves in a format to benefit what we’ve learned only.

Following the advice of most self-help gurus, knowledge workers, and everything in between, I begin to wonder, why haven’t we discussed the benefit of going through the practice of setting up new routines, discovering new tools to help you get things done, and so on? Why do we only discuss the end goal?

You’ll never truly appreciate goal achievement without realizing the benefit of the journey you traveled to achieve that goal. The realization that you put in the time to reach your goals, will help you realize how strong of a person you have become. The last portion of this year has made me realize how much I have truly benefitted from as I have muddled through 2020.

Going through surgery, hard times, a Pandemic, I realize that continually learning how to make it through this year has been a true benefit to my well-being as I finally, make it to the end of 2020.

It’s Okay to Be Still

It is truly okay to just be still. It is also okay to be alone sometimes. I have spent so much time worried something bad would happen if I wasn’t doing something constantly. I’m finally beginning to realize that it is okay to be still. I’ve learned about meditation lately. I’m pretty terrible at it, but it’s a nice feeling to practice clearing your…




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