Crypto Questions Round 2:

2 min readNov 28, 2021

Working on some more information for my Crypto Journey

Photo by hreavv on Unsplash

I’ve been interested in Crypto for a while like I’ve said before. However, I never realized how far down the rabbit hole a person can go. I know briefly about Bitcoin, Litecoin (have we heard anything about Litecoin in a while?), and of course, Ethereum. But what I thought I knew, is no where near what I need to learn to get some sort of handle on the ecosystem.

I have a few more questions:

What are zkrollups?

No, for real, what are they? Zero Knowledge, I get that. But what actually is Zero Knowledge? I keep hearing that there is a difference between zk and optimistic, but what happens to be that difference, and what is it in the first place?

What is it about Gas Fees?

I’ve given more money to the ETH gods than I care to admit, trying to cheap my way into exchanging money. Clearly, I should not cheap my way into doing anything with Ethereum. However, I still don’t understand what the Gas Fees are about. What does it mean?

What happened to Litecoin?

You can gamble with Litecoin, that I do know. What else can you do with it? Charlie Lee was fun on twitter. What else should I know about it?

What about Layer 2s?

Immutable? Optimism? Arbitrum? okay I guess.

What’s the Most Expensive NFT?

Beeple? BAYC? CryptoPunks? What’s happening out there world?

I should hope that I can figure this out eventually, right?




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